Welcome to the fire… stand here for a while, listen… Can you hear it? Can you hear the silence? It’s true, that this is not the total silence, of a sheltered place in a small city late at night. You can hear the whistling and popping of the wood in the fire, the sound of the wildlife around, but nevertheless it’s silence. Nice, huh? You look surprised, have you forgotten that noise? Enjoy it, it is for free just like the sky with the stars and the moon, the air you breathe, the land on which you walk and many other things that despite of the habit (which you probably have) to buy things that are on sale, we don’t seem to pay attention to… Stand here, warm yourself up along the fire, try the hot tea from the camp fire, look up towards the sky, feel the calmness and do what you want – because the restrictions that we can impose to ourselves, can’t be imposed by anyone else.