A bit of refreshment

Aaaand after moving to the new domain I felt the need(and according to Google Analytics, the visits through the last week have increased a bit ) to make the next set of updates to the theme.

Generally, what visitors will notice are different slight design updates – rounded borders and slim shadows

What you can’t see on the first visit though is that the shadows will change their color according to the time of the day. Basically I’ve divided the day in 4 parts – night(24-6), morning(6-12), day(12-18) and evening(18-24) and each of the parts has a different color for the shadows.

PP: If you are from that percent of the people, that are still using an old browser(IE8 or older, Firefox under 3.5, and I’m not sure about the rest ) there is a pretty big chance, that you won’t see the rounded borders and shadows. If you really don’t see them – just update your browser – at least you will get much better browsing experience

Yellow-Orange Flower

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