How much for Love?

What you’d do/give/loose to give Love a chance?

Perhpas this depends on how important Love is for you? Would you sacrifice something important, would you dare to do so?
Is it going to be worth it?

That’s where fear kicks in – fear from past experience – fear from being hurt – fear from being alone at the end again, and so on…
Well there is one thing that beats this kind of fear for me – every time! It’s another fear – fear of loosing an opportunity, or in other words the fear of the “what if…” situation This always(and by always, I mean always) makes the difference for me. Jumping into the depths of the unknown (or sometimes expected) requires more than a good will – you have to stand in front of your fears and beat them – something that is easier said than done…

So after all do you know your answer for this question?

It’s a good thing to know how far you can go.


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