Some thoughts

The timeless time, the endless nights, but still those are now in the past – just ghosts of memories wandering through my conciousness
The moments when time and space seemed to have distorted in such a manner, that seconds where like hours and hours were like… seconds
Strange things are human emotions – most of the time they seem to follow absolutely no logic – now, that’s a mistery that I can’t reveal no matter how much time and brain activity I will spend on it – it’s just beyond my reach
So the ghosts + memories + emotions = a time machine! Well not exactly a time machine in the way we’re used to think of, but still it’s something, because some memories are just captured with way too much emotions, making them a small “video tape” of events

Things happen (period) I don’t know if there is a “reason” behind( or maybe in front of :? ) everything, but honestly – I don’t care…

I just hate it when no matter of the bullet proof logic, shouting that something is not to be done this way, I just keep doing it – because there is something beyond logic, that is still strong enough to make the logic silent…

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