The Wedding

I’ve never thought that I’d get to the point of getting married so early in my life. I’m the first one of my school friends to get married(well unless someone gets married in the next 2 months ). It’s just a bit strange perhaps, but I’m fine with that – actually I’ve always considered myself more mature in my perception of the world and values than most of my peers(that’s what Google Translate says how people the same age as me are called), so committing to a long-term relationship doesn’t seem that odd.

But the fact is, that I do love her and find her so amazing, great, caring and just perfect that I’m just sure that I want to spend my life with her Besides she’s not into settling-up in one place yet(which I’m perfectly fine with, since I do want to explore the world), so if we are married it will be a whole lot easier to travel and stay in different places together.

Koji is older than me(by a fair amount of years) – some might find that weird, strange, some might not care about that, since they believe in pure and honest love and don’t find age to be an important factor. I don’t really care – I mean it’s everyone’s right to have their own opinion and I’m fine with that.

Any way, the plan for the wedding is great – Koji figured-out a great ceremony with lots of symbolism in it – we’ll do a Hand-fasting ceremony and everyone of the guests will take part of it, by lighting a candle from a torch that has been lit from the first two candles(ours). I really really love the idea of the ceremony and the wedding in general – it will be in a hut in the central Balkan, close to Gabrovo. This is the place where we most-likely met for the first time(it would be around two years before the wedding), even though we didn’t seem to remember much of it About half of the guests will be scouts and the wedding will have more-or-less scout spirit(since both of us find scouting important for our lives).

PP: And no, Koji is not pregnant

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