Progress on Multilingual WP

Over the last two weeks I didn’t had the chance to actually spend a lot of time working on the plugin, BUT I’m proud to say that 2 very big things happened over those two weeks:

1. Started using the plugin for a big corporate website

At the company I currently work at, we got the task to convert an ASP.NET site to a WordPress site. The site is in two languages and has quite some content – well it probably has around 70 pages in each language and a big load of files as well, but that’s still more than the average website. Since I’ve decided to stay away from qTranslate when it comes to big multilingual websites, I decided to get my plugin for a spin and see if can handle such a website and it’s needs.

While working on the website a bunch of small issues showed up and I was able to resolve them right on the spot. In general I didn’t come across anything serious, which makes me more confident in the (hopefully)upcoming launch of the plugin to the general public

I also stumbled upon a different issue with multilingual websites – sometimes not every page is available in each language. Sometimes you want to display certain content just for specific language/s. Take the following example:

You have a university and on your website you’ve published information about it – including your address, contacts, etc. You’ve also created a page in your native language about the programs/discounts that local students can take advantage of – that is certainly information that is not suitable for foreign exchange students and they don’t need to be bothered to see it on your website. On the other hand you also have a section in foreign languages explaining what you can offer to exchange students – something that the local students won’t benefit from. So you only want to display those pages to their expected audience.

I tweaked here and there and in the end I came up with a custom-tailored solution that involved a simple meta panel displayed on every page/post/etc with a list of check boxes with all enabled languages. When you check a certain language, this page suddenly becomes unavailable for that language – it’s removed from menus, search results, even if you try to open the exact URL it will still display a 404 error. I’m even thinking of adding this functionality as an option to the plugin(it would be disabled by default), but it would probably need some more work.

2. The first website using Multilingual WP has gone live

Well, ok – it’s the second one of which I know, but I’m not counting

This is the website for a team that will participate in the Red Bull X-Alps this year. You can check-out their website here – X-Alps – BasqueTeam. The guy who worked on the website is one of the team members – Iñigo Arizaga. He initially contacted me with a couple of bugs regarding the plugin and then kept on doing that as he was finding various small issues while developing the site. He was of great help to me and I really appreciate it I wish them good luck, favourable wind and meteorological conditions and most importantly to enjoy the event!


That being said – if anyone else has successfully launched their website using Multilingual WP to make it multilingual – please feel free to drop a link in the comments and let me(and everyone else) know about it.

One thought on “Progress on Multilingual WP

  1. hey nikola
    i was used your plugin in (English , Turkish) until now our customer not publish English but its work correctly
    Thanks a lot for your support …

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