Spring clean-up

Even though I liked the theme that I found and customized, I finally got tired of the look of it(and the general dark tone that it had). I’m a very positive and smiling person and having a dark theme like that didn’t really reflect my nature.

I’ve been looking for redesigning my blog for maybe half a year, but due to other more important tasks(work, personal life, etc.) I never got around to it. To be fair me being not very good with the visual arts(yes – I can match a new piece of an UI to the rest of it, but can’t build anything from ground-up) helped delay the change as well.

But then I just decided that it’s time to get a new theme. I went on looking for one and after a quick Google search, I stumbled upon this article at WPMU Dev – 85 Free Clean and Simple WordPress Themes. To be honest I also enjoyed the Landscape theme from that list, but then decided against it, due to it’s dark colors(I assume that would’ve been easy to fix). While not all of the themes in the list would fit my blog, some of them are pretty cool and can be definitely a good fit different types of sites.

In the end I picked Highwind by James Koster(I didn’t get to the bottom of the list – I was too impressed with it). It’s clean, responsive(which my old theme wasn’t) and content-centered. Easily customizable via Header images and the theme Customizer it gives easy access to the main look of the site(basic colors and sidebar position).

The theme is completely free and open-sourced – it can be found on WordPress.org and GitHub. A quick glance of the code tells me that it’s well-organized and seems to be following the WordPress Coding Standards. It’s also written with child-themes in mind, so extending and overwriting it’s functionality with a child theme is a breeze.