It’s not accidental, that the footer says Copy Left
The code of the theme, that I’m using right now is uploaded in a SVN repository. In short, SVN is a system for version control. Through it, any change in a file / directory with files / to be stored and subsequently accessed. So actually in the end you get multiple versions of the files that appear as starting points for returning the code to a previous state, identify problems, etc.

Everyone is free to examine different versions of files in the theme and to download them. To view the code, go to this page . Under Browse Source, there is a field called svn url. This is the SVN path to the files of the theme. Using the SVN client (like Tortoise SVN ), entering the path to the project, you can download all content of the “trunk” folder and view changes in the files locally on your computer.

Generally I try to save any changes (one shortcode at a time) and write good enough comments to each commit, which I do, so it’s easy enough for anyone who wants to know what exactly changed in each revision, without having to preview the code and differences between the two versions.


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